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Chairman's Communication


Dear Professional Brothers and Sisters,


We being Chartered Accountants, surely and aptly follow the verdict laid down by our Honourable President CA Shri K Raghu, Vice President CA Manoj Fadnis and their team by saying "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success" and following the same mantra, we have meticulously framed out the action plan of the Surat branch activities and academic programmes for our respectable members and dear students in the ensuing term. I am sure that the same shall be useful to sharpen and master our professional skills and expertise.


We all know that the month of March is being the hectic month of observing various professional commitments timely followed by the tight roped bank audit schedules. At this juncture, I may remind you to be fully equipped oneself with the  Guidance note on Audit of Banks (2014 Edition) issued by the ICAI for the benefit of members and the same can be downloaded  from the ICAI Website.


During the month, we are fortunate enough to have the connoisseur faculty on the Bank Branch Audit Seminar  - CA Amarjit Chopra, Past president, ICAI, CA Atul Gupta, New Delhi and CA Niranjan Joshi, Mumbai  and the same was co-ordinated by CA Abhishek Mittal, Treasurer, Surat Branch. In addition to above, Seminars on Concurrent Issues of Service Tax vis-a-vis reverse charge and Power to arrest, Vat on construction Contracts were arranged jointly with the Varachha Kamrej CPE Study Circle and the same were attended by pretty number of members. We express our heartiest thanks to them.


We are also thankful to Honourable President CA Shri K Raghu, Vice President CA Manoj Fadnis and their team for the action plan of 2014-15 carving its path and impresses values like : Leadership and Influence, Young Members Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Branding and Capacity Building, Technology Initiatives, Global Recognition, Members in service and practice, Research Initiatives, Student Initiatives, Governance and Infrastructure actions - we are sure of the same getting accomplished.


We have planned forthcoming programme on the International Taxation vis-a-vis Recent amendments in filing of Form 15CA-15CB, Service Tax and Seminar on Advanced Excel at the IT Training Centre of Surat Branch.


This month is very crucial month for us as citizens at the national as well as local level. Because the election are due and i hope and urge all our members with their relatives to vote judiciously.


Last but not the least, I would like to mention a small quote of -


Elbert Hubbard : "Responsibility is the price of Freedom"


With warm regards and thanks


CA Hemant Jariwala




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